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5 Ways Senior Care Is Fighting Loneliness

"Before the pandemic a quarter of older adults living at home are considered to be socially isolated, and 43 percent of them report feeling lonely," reports New York University.

COVID-19 has made seniors vulnerable to another life-threatening health risk: loneliness. According to an article in the journal Global Health Research and Policy “The outbreak of COVID-19 will have a long-term and profound impact on older adults’ health and well-being.”

Since seniors over the age of 80 are nearly 200 times more likely to die from COVID-19 complications, and the fact that one third of all COVID-19 deaths are happening in nursing homes, the first response to protect the elderly was to isolate them.

But senior care communities and organizations have found creative solutions to connect the elderly with their loved ones and provide social interactions with new people, while still adhering to safety guidelines. Here are five of the key ways senior care is innovating.


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